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Our product range includes many different storage furniture, such as wardrobes, dressers, chest for toys or other objects, bookshelves and more. Due to the design of these products, they can also be used in hallways or other areas where storage is needed. Our product range also include writing desks, small tables and chairs and shelves.


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  1. Bookshelf on Wheels

    Bookshelf on Wheels

    Regular Price: S$329.00

    Special Price: S$263.20

  2. Christian 4 drawers Chest

    Christian 4 drawers Chest

    Regular Price: S$999.00

    Special Price: S$799.20

  3. Hans 2 drawers Cabinet

    Hans 2 drawers Cabinet

    Regular Price: S$1,149.00

    Special Price: S$919.20

  4. Joans Desk

    Joans Desk

    Regular Price: S$299.00

    Special Price: S$239.20

  5. Mads children desk set

    Mads children desk set

    Regular Price: S$259.00

    Special Price: S$207.20

  6. Maja Desk

    Maja Desk

    Regular Price: S$429.00

    Special Price: S$343.20

    Sold Out

  7. Marie Bookshelf with 3 shelves

    Marie Bookshelf with 3 shelves

    Regular Price: S$289.00

    Special Price: S$231.20

  8. Mathilde children desk set

    Mathilde children desk set

    Regular Price: S$459.00

    Special Price: S$367.20

  9. Nordic 2-door wardrobe

    Nordic 2-door wardrobe

    Regular Price: S$1,499.00

    Special Price: S$1,199.20

  10. Nordic 3-door wardrobe

    Nordic 3-door wardrobe

    Regular Price: S$1,899.00

    Special Price: S$1,519.20